33rd Irish National Close Championships

Munster Branch would  like to remind you that entries are now being accepted for the 33rd Irish National Close SENIORS (Veterans) Championships. This event is being held for the very first time since its inception in the sunny south east at St. Anne’s Tennis Club in Waterford City on  29th, 30th September, 1st October 2017. Entries can be made on-line at titournament software on the following link: https://ti.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=977708ED-ECD9-491B-AB42-034F9CD526CF

We are very conscious that we are privileged to host this flagship Seniors event for the first time in Munster, and we are anxious that we emulate the ethos of sporting participation which Mr Gerry Clarke and his colleagues promoted over the past thirty and more years.  Therefore we look forward to welcoming you to Munster and would very much appreciate your support.


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Irish National Seniors St Annes Waterford