Yoga Workshops @ David Lloyds Spring 2017

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The essence of Yoga is of course to harness the union of mind body and breath. All to often whilst we concentrate on breathing and alignment of the limbs and torso the Mind/body connection is not fully realised. Consciousness itself has been the most illusive dynamic of human experience and to this day much of the research is speculative. However it is the essence of what we imagine ourselves to be! There obviously are many different levels of consciousness which we can stumble across accidently or alternatively we can deliberately create ourselves.......example ....drink 4 cups of coffee or two bottles of wine and there you go we have a change in consciousness!! However in this workshop we will be looking at simple ways to gather in a greater understanding of how the mind works and the subtle and direct influences that can influence us in daily life.

There is no part of the human body that we should not investigate in a yogic fashion. We should possibly even consider the idea that body and consciousness are to a greater or lesser degree under our control if we so desire; which of us would not like a little more self control. Homeostasis for the mind as such.

In the consciousness and mind workshop we will be looking at the mind body location/connection, and addressing the question asked since humans could rationalize “What am I?” As noted by the philosopher Rene Descartes ‘Cognito ergo sum’ or “I think therefore I am”. We will also utilise the work of Alan Watts a British American philosopher born in 1915 and consider what we find when we look closer at the structure of the ‘mind’! It is of course useful to have control of the mind once we are aware of it so we will use the work of Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising to investigate in a very humorous fashion how this control has got away from many! 

Come and join in a little Vinyasa Flowing Yoga, a deeply restorative relaxation period and a short guided meditation as well as a light hearted talk on how the mind works and learning to know what influences our daily lives

Again this Workshop is open to the public at David Lloyds in Dundonald on Sunday 2nd April From 2-4pm

£25.00 to non Members or £20.00 if you are a member.
Cash is acceptable on the day or you can pay by paypal by clicking link below;h=ATP1O_fchZtUyE3wnyGWMacKrw8v4jYLldWtzmfD0YcAAEFfJQtlgEmwTYMTgdLUaOrbIFzzoRWMCZTN0tA26PTPE1xLgW422HP1wqCDYWk78Hptv7veDfMBXRWCHTmR5vQ4sTDEXHnufFTshiyovw&enc=AZO5yUqDsQKxa5zhtHWRpLK3av_g0Iqu8VxoCXoD_ddY3apg0H77-XMWMTOe_65Kcik&s=1