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Tennis 10s is the International Tennis Federations new title for tennis for players under the age of 10. As an adult would you contemplate playing a tennis match on a court twice the width of a normal tennis court? Would it be much fun? Of course not,  the rallies would be really short and you’d go off and play some other sport really quickly And that’s with a proper tennis ball – imagine using a ball that bounced up to head height every time you hit it! So why would we make our 7 and 8 year olds play on a full size tennis court. Make the court smaller , make the rallies last longer , make it more fun and get our kids fitter!! That is the ethos of Tennis 10s

Tennis 10s is split into three sections / courts , Red , Orange and Green with the Red court being the smallest, the Orange Medium sized and the Green the full court size , but you also use different balls on each court to make it more realistic with the Red ball being bigger , slower and bounces lower, the Orange ball , a normal ball size but still slower and less bouncy and a green ball just like an ordinary ball but just a bit slower and less bouncy. The purpose of these modifications are to make the different court sizes play like’proper ‘ courts but for the age that the players are. So if an 8 year old hit a red ball pretty hard it will still land ‘in’ in the red court probably by about the same distance if  an adult  hit a yellow ball on a full court exactly the same way.

Red Court

The dimensions of the red court are officially

 10.97-12.8m x 4.88-6.1m

Net Height (at the centre): 31.5-33" (0.8-0.838m)

So what does this mean ? In terms of a normal tennis court this could either be service line to service line ( possibly with the net a bit lower). Or you can make six practice courts across a fullsize courts by creating a court from outside tram to outside tram and net to service line , service line to base line and base line to 2 feet from the fence/wall. These courts are generally better for coaching and drills rather than competition. You then need to get smaller nets for these courts

Orange Court

The dimensions of the Orange Court are officially ;

Court 17.98-18.29 x 6.4-8.23m

Net Height (at the centre): 31.5-36" (0.8-0.914m)

This means that the court is approx ¾ of the full court ( half way between service line and base line ) and the tram lines should be approximately 2 feet from the full court tram lines. For training purposes the full court can be split into 2 orange courts by using the center service line to outside tram as the width and the same length as for a standard orange court.

Green Court

The Green court is a standard court size with a standard net, you just use a slightly softer ball!

Other Modifications


Again as part of tennis 10s players are encouraged to use smaller and lighter rackets to make learning easier and rallies last longer! Many of the ‘big’ manufacturers nowadays have 23 , 25 , 26 and 27 inch ( full size ) rackets in their ranges .  Indeed over the last number of years most of the U12 winners of the Irish Junior Open have been using 25 or 26 rackets not full size ones.

Scoring Formats

The scoring formats for tennis 10s are shorter and swifter versions of our tennis scoring system. They encourage team formats on the Red and Orange courts with matches being first to 7 or 10 points. In this way players get to play lots of matches against different styles which helps the develop their game styles. On the Green court the format becomes more like our scoring system with matches being first to 4 with tie breaks at 4-4, or even 2 sets first to 4 with a 10 point tie break as a 3rd set decider

This is meant as a quick summary of Tennis 10s but if you want to read more there is an entire section of the ITF website devoted to Tennis 10s and it can be found at

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