Mark Pollock Motivational Talk to UTPA Squads 25th October 2015

Mark Pollock Review & Run 2015

Well done to the 22 players plus parents and siblings who attended the first UTPA Squad motivational talk at David Lloyd from Mark Pollock on Sunday 25th October. The reaction to his talk was very positive and players and parents can remind themselves of his words by looking at his website


He summarised his own journey and attitude with three stories that made everyone think how we approach tennis and life.


1. Be a realist and not an optimist. Accept the situation you are in and work every day to improve your situation with an end target or goal in mind. So not expect to hit a winner every time you try - accept your own limitations and then work tirelessly to remove them.


2. Be a competitor not a spectator. For us as tennis players this seems obvious but isn't always. Maybe you could have entered a higher age group to challenge yourself, or played in an Irish level event or entered more doubles tournaments. Whatever it takes to feel challenged we must do. At this stage of our tennis development it is ok to be winning 50-75% of tennis matches. It's also ok to lose. Losing means trying and trying means learning.


3. Be a collaborator not a soloist. This is exactly what Mark is doing in a bit to find a cure for paralysis. A cure for paralysis. What an enormous task, but he is utilising the skills and abilities of people all over the world to come together and push the boundaries of what is possible.


How can you collaborate more? Can you play more practice matches? Can you listen to music to inspire? Can you rise earlier? Can you read motivational books? Can you improve your nutrition? Can you focus more in training? Can you control your emotions better? Can you stretch at home daily?


I am working hard to offer more collaborations to assist our tennis journey, and we have only just begun.


Now it is time to give back. Mark's Run In The Dark is on Wednesday 11th November and I want ALL of us to do it. No excuses.  It costs around £20 per person and funds the robotic legs and research Mark is doing. Mark gets a large sum for the talks he delivers all over the world but he wouldn't accept a penny for his talk to us.


So sign up today with your family or friends and lets all wear a tennis t-shirt and show our support for this great man and cause. I am the MC at the event and I will also commentate and give everyone a shout out as you run/walk/crawl by. 


Do it now. Belfast - Run in the Dark



Stuart McQuitty