Tennis Coach Ireland - Ulster Provincial Workshop Wednesday 14th October 2015

Report from TCI Workshop of 14th October 2015

Tennis Coach Ireland organized a very useful meeting with Ulster clubs, coaches and administrators earlier this week. This Provincial Workshop was based around the relationship between ‘The Coach and the Club’, and how to make it as efficient and effective as possible for both parties. The event was kicked off with an introduction from the President of Tennis Ireland George Stevenson MBE. Then Ulster Tennis Chairman George Lucas informed the group of the overall Ulster Tennis Strategy, with emphasis on the Clubmark Programme. TCI Chairman Liam Cassidy set up some groups in which areas of interest to coaches and clubs were discussed in detail. This led to some very interesting debate, the results of which will be used to help direct the formulation of Tennis Coach Ireland policy in the future. Many thanks to our speakers, and indeed to everyone who attended, and to CIYMS in Belfast for hosting the event!


Liam Cassidy TCI Chairman  Coaches Conference 14 Oct 15

Liam Cassidy TCI Chairman

George Stephenson MBE UBTI President  Coaches Conference 14 Oct 15

George Stevenson MBE President UBTI


George Lucas UBTI Chairman  Coaches Conference 14 Oct 15


Coaches  Club members at Coaches Conference 14 Oct 15 1

Coaches and club members

 Coaches  Club members at Coaches Conference 14 Oct 15

Coaches & Club Members


Schedule for Workshop

DATE: Wednesday 14th October
TIME: 7.15pm to 10pm
VENUE: CIYMS Tennis Club, 91 Circular Road, Belfast.
(map here:
CPD: Attendance carries 25 points under CPD.

TO REGISTER: If you would like to attend this Workshop, please text or email me your name and the name of your attending club rep (see below).
FEES: This Workshop is free for TCI members. Coaches who are not members of TCI are welcome to attend however, there is a £30 charge for coaches who are non-members.
ATTENDANCE: If you are a TCI member from outside Ulster who would like to attend, you would be most welcome.

Most tennis coaches do most of their work in tennis clubs…that’s  why Tennis Coach Ireland has decided to base this years Provincial Workshops around the relationship between ‘The Coach and the Club’, and how to make it as efficient and effective as possible for both parties. The idea is that any coach who attends will arrange to bring along a committee representative from their club – ideally the committee member whom the coach normally works with/reports to (if you cannot arrange for a committee member to be there, you are of course still very welcome to attend and contribute to the debate).


At the Workshop we will have a ‘keynote address’ to set the scene, followed by opportunities for both the coaches and the club reps to discuss relevant issues. Ultimately we want to come up with innovative solutions to the issues that can sometimes cause problems between the two parties. We see the evening as an opportunity to deal with issues that may be causing problems for coaches in some clubs, and also to help inform the clubs about the challenges facing their coach and how they can assist their coach in meeting these challenges. Looking forward to seeing you and your club rep there!

Peter Farrell Director of Development M: 086 822 8235