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Ballycastle Final Results

Final results from the County Antrim Senior Championships at Ballycastle are available from the tournament site.

Well done to all those who took and congratulations to the winners!!!


County Tyrone Senior Open

The 107th County Tyone Senior Open Championships will take place at Omagh Tennis Club from 18th to 27th July.

Further details and entry can be found at

The closing date for entries is Friday 11th July.



Windsor Superset Invitation Results

The 10th Annual Superset Invitation Tournament at Windsor Tennis Club took place on Saturday 21st June and featured 8 top players in Ulster in a round robin format playing matches of one set each. Four time winners Przemek Stec and Nelson Boyle faced off in the final, with Przemek winning his fifth title in a 6-3 victory.

Mens Singles Group A

Przemek Stec beat Ben Kelly 6-1

Matthew McClurg beat Hans Enoksen 6-5

Przemek Stec beat Matthew McClurg 6-1

Ben Kelly beat Hans Enoksen 6-4

Przemek Stec beat Hans Enoksen 6-0

Matthew McClurg beat Ben Kelly 6-4

Mens Singles Group B

Nelson Boyle beat Stephen McCausland 6-1

Ben Fetherston beat Aaron Stubbs 6-4

Nelson Boyle beat Ben Fetherston 6-4

Aaron Stubbs beat Stephen McCausland 6-3

Aaron Stubbs beat Nelson Boyle 6-5

Ben Fetherston beat Stephen McCausland 6-3



Przemek Stec beat Nelson Boyle 6-3


Over 35 Mens Doubles Final

Liam Kane and Johnny Curry beat Brian McRandal and John Purvey 6-1


Belfast and District Mixed League Final Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Belfast and District Mixed Leagues:

  • Division 2 - Hawarden B
  • Division 3 - Windsor B
  • Division 4 - Banbridge A
  • Division 5 - Bangor C
  • Division 6 - Windsor C
  • Division 7 - Windsor D
  • Division 8 - Civil Service A
  • Division 9 - Hawarden D
  • Division 10 - Hilden C

Final results and standings from the divisions are as follows:


Fermanagh Senior Open

The 2014 Fermanagh Senior Open will take place at Irvinestown Tennis Club from Saturday 28th June to Sunday 6th July.

Entries can be made online at

Closing date for entries is Sunday 22nd June.



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