UBTI Club Health & Safety Policy

UBTI Health and Safety Policy for Clubs

These points can be amended/adapted by clubs to suit their own particular situations in an effort to eliminate or reduce risks which could range from possible severe injury to fatality.

Fall from heights

Do not climb on Clubhouse or flat roof/fire escape/perimeter walls.

Vehicle movement

Drivers take care when driving in/out/reversing in entrance and car park. Ensure children stay away from vehicles.

Wall/Fencing /Posts

Avoid running into wall/fencing/net and light posts. If light posts are on court try and get them padding.


Wear correct footwear to minimise the risk of slipping and falling. Take care not to play in icy conditions.

Maintenance and building repair

Stay clear of on-site contractors and ensure you heed any restricted area notices. Ensure all moveable objects are restricted and/or repaired quickly.

Machinery trapping /overturning

Avoid going within range of mechanical rake/tractor or any other equipment.


Stay away from all electrical equipment, unless trained in its use. Ensure control boxes are in a locked cupboard. Floodlight post control boxes are high voltage and must always be locked. Sharp steel edges should be avoided.


Ensure all hazardous substances are locked in store. Continually review cleanliness of kitchen


Continually review any hazards which may cause fire/explosion. Ensure fire doors/escape are always free and easily accessible.

Crushing/Cuts/Eye Injury

Ensure trees are continually reviewed and topped when necessary.

Take care when opening ball tins – razor sharp edges – always put throw away steel lids in the bin.

Balls should not be aimed at people – risk of eye injury


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Ulster Tennis Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on 02890 383808.