AAA Screening - a free scan for men aged 65 or over

AAA Screening - a free scan for men aged 65 or over!

It is now just over three years since the Northern Ireland Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening Programme was introduced across the region in June 2012.  All men in their 65th year will automatically be invited by the programme.  Men over the age of 65, who have never attended for AAA screening, can ask to be screened by contacting the Screening Programme Office on 02890 631828.

Men are offered a quick, simple ultrasound scan of their abdomen and are given their results at the appointment. 

An AAA is a swelling of the main artery in the body as it passes through the abdomen. Men are six times more likely to have an AAA than women.

The aim of the programme is to reduce deaths from ruptured aneurysms. Older men, smokers, and people with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases are at an increased risk of developing an AAA.  Your risk is also higher if your brother, sister or parent has or had an AAA.

If a man is found to have a small or medium aneurysm (AAA) he will be scanned every year or every three months to monitor the aneurysm’s size.  If a man has a large AAA he will be referred to a vascular surgeon to discuss treatment options.

All men in their 65th year living in Northern Ireland and registered with a GP, will automatically receive a letter inviting them to come for a free scan at a local screening clinic.  If you are over 65, and you have not already had a letter inviting you for a scan, you can contact the Programme Office on 02890 631828 to arrange an appointment. 

There are currently 21 screening locations throughout Northern Ireland and an appointment will be arranged at the venue most convenient to you.

For further information please visit our website at or contact the Programme Office on:  02890 631828.