Downshire TC Club Open Day 2016

Downshire Tennis Club- 80 Attending and 8 New Members

A Downshire Tennis Club Open Day which attracted 80 people and helped the Club gain 8 new members was linked to the Miss Hits Tennis Fit programme which attracted 120 females this year (up from 80 in 2015) and from which the Club gained 25 new members (up from 15 in 2015.)  The Club Open Day was also linked to the 10 Week Free Coaching programme which involved 120 members and took place on 2nd July to co-incide with Wimbledon.

The Downshire Club have planned another Club Open Day as part of their Club programme on 3rd September at the Oyster Festival.  Last year the Open Day at the Oyster Festival involved 85 people and produced 10 new members.

If you have a report and/or photos we would be delighted to include in an upcoming news letter to share & learn good practice in organising open days and please send through to me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it