South Orange Matchplays

Southern Orange Matchplays


Ulster Tennis are running a series of Orange Matchplay events in conjunction with Downshire Hillsborough, Lurgan , Portadown and Hilden Tennis Club. Each of Downshire, Lurgan and Portadown will run 2 hour matchplay team events to include singles and doubles. When the 3 events are complete Ulster Tennis will invite anyone who has competed in 2 of the 3 events to a Masters event to take place at Hilden Tennis Club on Sunday 16th December.


The events are as follows


Downshire Hillsborough   17th November 12 – 2 pm

Lurgan TC  25th November  1-3 pm

Portadown TC  2nd December  1-3pm



Hilden TC   16th December   3-5pm


Entry Forms for the events can be found below


docDownshire orange entry form 17th November.doc


docLurgan orange entry form 25th November.doc


docPortadown orange entry form 2nd December.doc

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